First Class Trouble is the first free game of PS plus from November 2021 for PS5 and PS4 confirmed and arrives on November 2

First Class Trouble is the first free game in November 2021 for PS Plus, it will be launched on PS4 and PS5 next week and you can be, survivor of a Sigilosa AI, or said IA.

The game welcomes us to Alithea, a luxurious last generation space cruiser where nothing is what it seems. What started as a relaxing vacation in space, became something sinister.

ia has risen with the power and now those amigable servants offered Champan, now they will serve your head on a silver tray!

First Class Trouble is a social party game, communication is essential, but you can not trust anyone, but although all this is alarming that it does not panic because there are tricks and tips to follow.

First the basics: At the beginning of each game, you will be assigned a role: Resident or Personoid, but even if it is a social game, each player will have different objectives according to the role of him. Will you collaborate or deceive?

Residents will have to turn off the AI ​​in the heart of Alithea, called C.A.i.N., but for this, three level cards are needed; The personides will have to stop their feet.

Despite the many dangers, deception is by far the deadliest weapon because, in whom can you trust? Follow the instructions of someone who asks to cooperate? It is a trap?

Between the councils, he is taking into account that residents need oxygen and the personoid will sabotage these conduits or who is driving something suspicious near a person.

First Class Trouble was displayed during the past State of Play October 2021 as one of the free PS Plus games in November of this year, launching on PS4 and PS5 next 2 of that month.

If you are interested, your creators and publishers can not wait for you to embark on an adventure that is death, unless your senses and cravings for surviving are stronger.

This title may be played by up to six players, with what call your friends to join Alithea… and try to continue as if nothing after this adventure.

Yesterday we were filled with joy because these games for PS plus in November 2021 were not filtered for the first time in 5 months, but a few hours later we knew them for a leak.

In case of not having seen and / or played on October, this is what came to PlayStation Plus in that month.

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