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Pokémon Golden Edition and Pokémon Silver Edition, known in Japan as Pocket Monsters Gold and Pocket Monsters Silver (ポケット モンスタ 金 · 銀 Poketto monsutā kin / gin), are the beginning of the second Pokémon generation and the successors of the Red Edition and Blue Edition. They were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. The games first appeared in 1999 in Japan before published in 2000 in North America and 2001 in Europe. Pokémon Kristall Edition (also known in German as Crystal Edition) is a special edition that appeared for the Game Boy Color for about a year after the appearance of the Golden Edition and the Silver Edition in each region. These three games (the Golden Edition, the Silver Edition and the Crystal Edition) form the second generation of Pokémon games based on the main play of the Pokémon series.
The games are located in the fictitious regions Johto and Kanto, which together with the previous games (the Red Edition and the Blue Edition) contain 100 new Pokémon. The plot follows that of the protagonist in his goal to become the best Pokémon coach. Both games are independent of each other and mostly follow the same act. To get all 251 Pokémon, the interaction between both editions is required. The Johto saga of the Pokémon anime series is based on the plot of the games.
The Golden Edition and the Silver Edition attach to the enormous success of its predecessors. The games reached about the same sales as the Red Edition and the Blue Edition.

Diablo Immortal Closed Beta Trailer

On September 22, 2017, the two editions also appeared for the Nintendo 3DS as a Virtual Console title.

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