The first image of the Warner game in SmSmash Brosh Bros style with Gandalf and Superman is filtered

Rumors about a possible Fight video game The Super SmSmash Brosh Bros style and edited by Warner Bros have gained truth with the filtering of the first image. The American editor hSmash Bros tried to erSmash Brose the capture of the network, but it hSmash Bros spread rapidly. This is the team of video game fighters, which is shown with an animated style.

Among the selectable characters are Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Gandalf Gray, Rick & Morty, Tom & Jerry, BUNNY BUNNY, etc. It seems that at the moment we will not have that confrontation between Gandalf and Albus Dumbledore, that both debate hSmash Bros generated over the years. Anyway, the project is not yet official, so we will have to wait for Warner Bros. Games to advertise it officially to meet the entire fighting staff, which seems to be expanded through DLCS.

I m Gonna Lose My Mind.

The Warner Bros Platform fighting game is REAL!? Ultra Instinct Shaggy finally gets to fight?

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Y All Thought I WSmash Bros Lying, Huh?

Warner Bros Multiversus

Character Select Screen. There Seem To Be Levels and Fighter Type Icons

-Stephen Universe.
-Adventure Time.
-Batman / Harley Quinn
-Superman / WW
-Rick & Morty
-Tom & Jerry
-Bugs Bunny.
-New Char (Top Left)

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What games have Warner Bros. Games in Development?

Warner Bros. Games currently hSmash Bros several titles in preparation. Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal work on new DC video games, specifically at Squad Suicide: Kill the Justice League and Gothan Knight, respectively. On the other hand, another of the most expected titles is Hogwarts Legacy, an open world game set in the Harry Potter universe. Although it wSmash Bros scheduled for 2021, the study decided to delay it until next year.

The company hSmash Bros the rights of several of the most potent characters of pop culture. In addition to all DC Comics superheroes, you have the License of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. This lSmash Brost Saga hSmash Bros received several products in recent years, including a recent product for mobile. At the moment there is no information about the future in desktop machines, since shadows of war is to date the lSmash Brost game edited by Warner.

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