Sakurai explains how he negotiated with Disney and Square Enix to include Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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If we talk about fighting games, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the absolute kings of gender, thanks to its extensive character squad. The merit corresponds to Sakurai, director of the game .

The last great incorporation was SORA, protagonist of Kingdom Hearts , which was one of the characters most demanded by the fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Surely many are already distributing wax with the sword wrench , but, how did Sakurai get this character? He has explained it in a column published in Famitsu.

The arrival of Sora to Super Smash Bros Ultimate occurred in an unplanned meeting between Masahiro Sakurai and a representative of Disney , which initiated the entire negotiation process.

Sakurai admits that they had many problems to include Sora . Even, more than those who had to face to add other characters. One of them were high expectations .

The fact is that the director of Super Smash Bros Ultimate was encountered a Disney representative in a gala. In it, Sakurai explained to him that adding to Sora would be a great idea … and the interlocutor of him nodded.

To make the sixth fighter of the Fighters Pass Vol.2 (Sora), Sakurai had to participate in a three-band negotiation: Disney, Nintendo and Square Enix . And all thanks to that unexpected meeting.

The surprising thing is that Volume 2 of the Fighters Pass was going to include 5 characters , but Sora s exclusive of switch was always speculated on the arrival.

The Sakurai team shipping Various 3D modeling of Sora A Square Enix and Nintendo, getting the approval of both. Of course, for that they had to adapt to certain rules …

For example, Sora s playability had to adapt to the style of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with slower combos and times that in Kingdom Hearts. In addition, he was emphasized in the air game.

Looking back, about three years have passed since the launch of the game and, at that time, we created eleven different DLC fighters. That said, it s too long. The team reduced his expectations and, of course, the pandemic played his role, although that does not mean that we were loose in no way .

Masahiro Sakurai also affirms that he would like to participate in other projects outside Smash Bros, and that the next column of him in Famitsu will be the last. The character of SORA is now available in the Nintendo Switch fighting game.


Source: Nintendo Everything

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