Best setting of Lapa SMG in Call of Duty Warzone

The sixth season of Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War follows its course, and now you can spend much fear with the Halloween 2021 event, called The Haunting .

This new event includes 9 new challenges for Cod Warzone , and also new elements such as subfusil LAPA . Here we will teach you how to get it and also what is the best class.

The SMG are very powerful in Cod Warzone, although the Lapa stands out for its great rate of damage and its good mobility . It is a fast, lethal and a fully recommended option in The Haunting.

If you are spending a lot of fear in Verdansk and want to devastate the battlefield, discover the Best Lapa SMG configuration in Call of Duty Warzone .

Best setting of Lapa SMG in Call of Duty Warzone

One of the great news of The Haunting in Cod Warzone is this great subfusil, which has quickly become one of the best gaming weapons.

Before going to talk about the best accessories, equipment and advantages for the weapon , it is important to know how to unlock it.

To do so, Simply You must complete the nine challenges of the Halloween event in Call of Duty Warzone. Here we teach you how to overcome each of them and their rewards.

If you have overcome all the challenges of The Haunting, you will have access to Lapa SMG , as well as other rewards such as stickers, business cards, exclusive items or a weapon plane.


Canyon : Agency Suppressor
Look : Tiger Team Spotlight
Reticle : Microflex LED
Stock : Raider Stock
Ammunition : Stanag 50 RND

To begin with, the agency suppressor will keep you hidden in Verdansk, and also increases the effectiveness of the LAPA shooting.

For its part, the Tiger Team Spotlight will increase the already excellent mobility of the LAPA. You will be an authentic nightmare while you move and shoot at great speed on the map.

The stock Raider Stock will make you move faster in the race, which, attached to the Microflex LED , will convert you into a precise and lethal ghost. The ammunition Caliber 50 Complete a great class for the LAPA.


Advantage 1 : E.O.D
Advantage 2 : Ghost
Advantage 3 : AMPED

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As usual, EOD is a great option for to be immune to explosives and grenades … something that goes as a ring to the finger at ghost , advantage that will hide more.

Finally, amped will make you change weapon more quickly . We recommend equipping an assault rifle or even a pistol as secondary lap.

The The Haunting event is now available at Call of Duty Warzone, and perhaps one of its great incentives is to be able to play as Ghostface (Scream) and Frank El Rabbit (Donnie Darko) .

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