LIVE Bengals want to stop Jackson

Mahomes and the Chiefs have never reported to report

Lines, which in the last few years has not all and not associated with the Kansas City Chiefs, are now reality: The Super Bowl winner of 2019/20 is currently at a balance sheet of 3: 4 on a shared last rank of AFC West – and Patrick Mahomes is with you with it. The star quarterback has now thrown 15 interceptions in his recent 15 lots, most recently six times a bit at least one. That has never happened to the 26-year-old before in his career.

But not only that: The defense lets the team also hang and made it a lot too easy for the local Tennessee titan (5: 2) in this Week 7. All ahead playmaker Ryan Tannehill (270 yards, a passing touchdown, a rushing touchdown), which, in the meantime, cheerfully cheered with an Air Jordan jump, and naturally running Derrick Henry (86 yards), which in a trick play itself a touchdown Pass over a Yard to Tight End Mycole Pruitt threw, were not stopped.

By the way, the Chiefs without Touchdown have finished a game in the era Mahomes did not yet exist. And so little points have not been given since December 2012 (3:38 against Detroit). In short: It looks Duster from Kansas City.

Bengals surprise in Baltimore

The fact that the comparison between Baltimore and Cincinnati, two strongly started AFC North rivals could become exciting was clear. However, favorite were the domestic ravens, but then went with 17:41 completely bathing and for the first time so high a duel with Cincy lost.

Why? Because Bengals playmaker Joe Burrov overwhelmed (416 yards were career hoists, three TDS, an interception) and, among other things, an 82-yard touchdown pass to the strong rookie receiver Ja Marr Chase. The former Burrov teammate at the college LSU invested at the end even 201 Receive Yards!

All in all, too much was too much for a non-poorly replaying Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (257 yards passing, 88 yards rushing, a TD), but also put a sack five times. Now Cincinnati and Baltimore are 5: 2 in the season.

The Packers preamble slide is faded

In Week 1, Green Bay had lost 3:38 at the New Orleans Saints, but since then all six games won. So just the current home game against the Washington Football Team (24:10). Aaron Rodgers, who, with 274 yards, three touchdowns and no interception once again relevant proportion of success and often found his top receiver Davante Adams (76 yards, a TD), became the first team of NFL history, which follows Significant start-up defeat six games resulted in a row.

Throw 17 touchdown passes for just one interception since the start-up defeat: Packers-Ass Aaron Rodgers. Getty Images

But the victory over Washington was by no means lightweight, because the guests from the capital about the former Green Bay and Brett-Favre-fan Taylor Heinicke (268 yards, a TD, an int., Two fumbles) cheeky. But the same five times (!) They missed points within the Packers-30-Yard Zone. Once, among other things, because the playmaker dropped to the ground at the free train too early to the ground, still celebrated and realized after judgment of the referees that his supposed touchdown run did not count.

54 points of the patriot

16:17 against Miami, 13:28 against New Orleans, 17:19 against Tampa Bay, 29:35 against Dallas: All four first home games in this Regular Season had set New England in the sand, but now with anger in the stomach the First success in the Gillette stage under the roof and compartment. And what kind of: At 54:13, the Pats sent the direct AFC-East rivals New York Jets back home, spending the counterparty a so-called 50 burger . At the same time, it was the twelfth victory in the play over the jets and at the same time the sixth Season Sweep in a row above the opponent from New York (already 25: 6 in Week 2).

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