For the 75th birthday GDR

The FSV Zwickau is a football club in Germany which plays in the 3. League, the third most important football league in the country. This was founded in 1912 in the city of Zwickau, being a team that claims the legacy of equipment such as the First DDR League champion in 1948 and the ZSG Horch Zwickau, champion in 1950.

40 years ago Jürgen Croy finished his career as a footballer. The goalkeeper of the BSG Sachsenring Zwickau, in the 70s one of the world s best keepers, is one of the legends of the GDR football. After his career, Croy was, among other things, mayor for sports, school and culture in Zwickau.

Mr. Croy, on this Tuesday you will be 75. How do you celebrate?

In the very small circle. With my children and my sister. They still live in their hometown Zwickau.

Do you still see them at the FSV Zwickau in the stadium?

At bigger intervals. Otherwise, I follow the FSV about the media. I pay attention to the work of coach Joe Enoch – and with Johannes Brinkies the FSV has a very good goalkeeper.

You played only for Zwickau in your career. The DDR sports officials wanted but that the national goalkeeper for a top club as Lok Leipzig, Dynamo Dresden or in Berlin runs? …

Because of this matter, in 1972 I also had to compete in Franz Rydz, the Vice President of the German Gymnastics and Sports Federation in Berlin.

And what did you tell you?

I expect from me that I am the season 1972/73 at Dynamo Dresden games – or another top club. If I refused, be expected that I would move into the army and for one and a half years in Thuringia or in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in a small army team could do sports. But for me did not question that I leave Zwickau. My family should live there where they feel comfortable.

Before you drove to Berlin, there was a special backing.

That s correct. A production manager of the Sachsenring works told me: Jürgen, when they get away here, strike my workforce.

Did you play this card?

No. I was still the chance to take a deal.


Klaus Sammer and I was not a member of the SED as the only national player of the GDR cadr. I then agreed to enter the party and thus secured my whereabouts in Zwickau.

The Nationalkeeper could not have been so easy for a small army team.

Jürgen Croy

Have you thought to give them?

No. I also had a trump in the hindquarters. At that time I had already contested several international matches for the GDR, and one could not have been able to seize the Nationalkeeper somewhere in a small army team.

Did you ever get torrented that you feed them?

No torrents. But one has felt in other ways that I had not fulfilled the will of the officials.

And what?

There were monthly grants from Berlin for the national team. I was paid for me and then again a few months.

Footballers in the GDR were also recruited from the Ministry of State Security as in order to put pressure on them via this lever. Was the Stasi also imagined with you?

Naturally. Already in 1965, when we won the Junior EM, the Stasi contacted me. I have rejected a cooperation but strictly. In my Stasi file, I have read about the talks: Croy is immature and cowardly and is currently not questioning for cooperation, was there. For me, this is an honor and award (smiles) .

Do you have read something to your refused change to a top club in your file?

Yes. It was interesting who were the supports of the Stasi. Fortunately, there was neither in my private environment nor in the Zwickau team or in the national team people who spied on me.

In their active time, the bronze medal at Olympia 1972, the victory against the Federal Republic at the 1974 World Cup and the Olympic Victory 1976. What was your career highlight?

All three events. However, the WM is the highest to assess the value of the value.

Three very big the GDR football: Jürgen Croy, Joachim Streich and Jürgen Sparwasser (v. Li.). Imago / Otto Krschak

Especially the 1-0 victory against the Federal Republic in Hamburg has entered history. Your follow-up was curious.

That s right (laughs) . We stayed in Quickborn, 30 kilometers north of Hamburg and of course the best after beating West Germany mood. With two or three players we have persuaded security guards to take us time to St. Pauli because we necessarily even wanted to see the Reeperbahn. When we arrived back in Quickborn, already the sun was rising. The border guards have taken charge of us and said, Are you crazy Where did you come from tonight there was a bomb threat here? . We were told that we would have through the back entrance to the team hotel. We have set ourselves pointing to the terrace, and after ten minutes, a federation official came out and said to us: Man guys, this was a great last night you go it certainly like me, you also can not sleep..

The FRG professionals got 70,000 marks for the world title. And you?

One tenth – in German marks. The money was paid to us at a reception immediately after the World Championships in Berlin bar. The officials have the next day but considered that we would possibly show off the money. So we should pay it back.

And? Do you have?

No. The day after the reception we players in Berlin were in a department store for diplomats, and I have spent some of the money for a swimming pool. I just said, I have no more of that money. The pool is located, incidentally, still in my garden in Zwickau (laughs) .

At the 1972 Olympic Games you have less fond memories away from the sport. The East German team was staying in the Olympic village opposite the building where the hostage-taking of Israeli athletes held by terrorists.

That was very scary. We could the terrorists on the balcony opposite yes see – and us too. On the day of the taking of hostages at the airport Fuerstenfeldbruck the horrible end took the afternoon we were down to our second round match against Hungary. And when we came back, watching the buses with the terrorists and the hostages were off.

1989 you were voted the best player of GDR history. What do you mean?

I see this as a very great honor. Just because we had such great footballers such as Peter Ducke, Hans-Jürgen Kreische, Joachim Streich, Dixie Dörner or Jürgen saving water.

It would have been no problem for me to be the first point guard.

Jürgen Croy

After your End of career you ve been 1984-1988 coach in Zwickau, later official. Came a job in professional football after the turn for you never consider?

This would have meant to stay two years in the East, two years in the south and two in the West. I did not expect my family.

Do you sometimes regret it is that you are not 30 years younger and have so missed the chance to play and after the turn in the Bundesliga to earn a lot of money?

No. Inner satisfaction is more important to me than money.

From a goalkeeper is required today to act almost like a field player. Would that be a Goalkeeper game for you?

I was technically good and was able to read the game. It would have been no problem for me to be the first point guard. Primarily a goalkeeper but should keep his box clean.

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