Developers of Call of Duty Warzone officially call cowards to the camperos

As you can well know, followers of Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, is Halloween . But that does not mean that H aya to hide , just as its creators have qualified the camperos: cowards .

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As part of this year s event at the more terrifying month , Ghostface will terrorize both games at The Haunting. And during the presentation of the event, they have said several tips when playing.

A new meter, fear is introduced, located at the bottom left. This goes from 0 to 100 and each operator begins being a warrior without fear with zero points.

They say that, if this meter reaches 50% , the operator could begin to feel hallucinations that can play with his mind. In to overcome them, you will hear a pleasant musical piece and a high breath, followed by a decrease in the level of fear.

Of course, as the level of fear reaches 100% and occupies the entire bar … Well, that better that you discovered you. Then it is when the interesting part of all this arrives and what concerns us.

And they say: The fear increases naturally over time and when one of the following things occurs: . Be fired , which reaches the enemy team or there are low racks in your area; CAMPE (known as cowardice ) ; See dead or ghosts ; that eliminate your colleagues .

So, Until the creators themselves of the game oppose this type of practice they can ruin the game experience for the rest.

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What do you seem to you all this ? Remember that Call of Duty Mobile comes out of competition for what has been seen from Battlefield Mobile.

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