The director of Super Smash Bros ultimate reveals how Nintendo got Sora in the game

Earlier this week, Super Smash Bros.ultimate received his last DLC fighter in the form of Kingdom Hearts. Although Sora was one of the fighters most requested by the fans, many thought that it would have been too difficult to achieve the property of the character on the part of Disney. However, in its last column of Famitsu, the director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that a casual meeting with an executive of Disney in a place of awards opened the door to the negotiations between companies. There were still several meetings between Nintendo, Square Enix and Disney for this to happen, but it was finally reached an agreement so that the character entered the game!

The Column of Famitsu was translated by @pushdustin and @kodynokolo on Twitter, and some of those tweets can be found embedded below.

But, one day an opportunity appeared. At a certain place of awards, Sakurai had the opportunity to meet with a Disney representative. They said it would be great if Sora could enter!

  • PushSusin (@pushdustin) October 20, 2021

Interestingly, Sakurai reveals in the column that Fighters Pass Vol. 2 originally intended to have only five DLC fighters, as the first pass did. However, the meeting between Sakurai and Disney Executive gave rise to more discussions between the three companies. This led Nintendo to change course and add another fighter. There were many discussions between companies and strict guidelines to follow by Nintendo. That is probably the reason why characters such as Donald and Goofy were not included on the Sora or Final SMASH scenario, and why the list of songs of the character is on the strictest side. However, most Kingdom Hearts fanatics will probably agree that Sora was worth it.

All Character's Special Zoom Attacks! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
When Sora was announced for the first time, Sakurai revealed that the character was the winner of the Nintendo Fans Survey of 2015. In the spine, the director reveals that Banjo and Kazooie was another very requested fighter, which surprised Nintendo. While Nintendo could not make these fighters happen in the previous game of Smash Bros., the company could clearly make them work in Super Smash Bros.ultimate . Now that Sora is available, it is expected that fanatics can appreciate all the hard work done by Sakurai and his team in the game.

Super Smash Bros.ultimate is available exclusively in Nintendo Switch. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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