COD Warzone Cold was Secure the free now

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold was provided for members of PS Plus for the release of Season 6 a new combat package. What s all in the Combat pack and how can you get the stuff, you will learn here on Meinmmo.

What does it have it with the DLC? Sony s console PlayStation and the COD series have been a partnership that uses users of the service PS-Plus regularly benefits.

These include attractive DLC packages to start the respective new season. Also at Season 6 there s something new, including a new skin for an operator from Cold.

The contents of the Season 6 Combat Pack

Everything is in the new combat package to Season 6: You will get a heap of cosmetics again. You can dust the following goodies in Season 6 for free this time.

Epic skin for the operator Kwan Song from Cold was
Epic blueprint for a tactical rifle
Epic emblem
Epic clock
Epic sticker
Epic business card
Token that allows you for one hour double XP

How to use this? Solves the Combat Pack and you can already use the Goodies in Cod: Warzone and Cold was. But care! To use the Operator Skin of Song in the Warzone, you need to access the game Cold. Because only so gets your access to the operator song.

You can also admire the contents of the combat package in this chic trailer:

So you get the Combat Pack for Cold and Warzone

These are the prerequisites: As already indicated, you must necessarily be a member of PS plus. Runs the current subscription, then you can unlock the pack in your PS Plus area on the PlayStation. If you do not find it, then the text search uses for the term combat package .

If you were Cold or Warzone next time, everything should be parated.

As already mentioned, there s Operator Song only if you have the game Cold was. If you only play the free warzone, unfortunately has no access to the Korean.

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So you get the new combat package: The Combat Pack is already active and you can get it from now on anytime. Here is the link to the combat package Fuhrpark to Season 6 in the PS Store.

How long can you still get the thing? The current combat package will be available for download in the complete Season 6. But beware: When the Season is off, the package is gone and is replaced by a new one.

What is actually with other platforms? The combat package is exclusive part of the cooperation between Sony and Call of Duty. Therefore, it is exclusively for PlayStation players with PS-Plus subscription. Who moves on the Xbox or the PC, unfortunately goes out here.

But for you all for you all a sack of full items inspired by Vanguard.

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