Now the PS5 PULSE 3D wireless

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The pulse 3D wireless headset for the PS5 you can pre-order at Amazon and other shops in the new color Midnight Black.

When will the headset appear? The 3D pulse will be released on October 29 2021 in the Color Midnight Black for the PS5.

Why is a pre-order worthwhile? The 3D pulse wireless headset in white was sold out to release and often completely out of stock in the months later. Meanwhile, the location is more relaxed, but it could be similar to the Midnight Black variant.

Anyone who pre-ordered the headset will receive it punctually for publication and does not have to run danger that it could be sold out. Although it currently looks like it will be easy to get.

So much costs the Midnight Black PS5 Headset: The price is like the other color variant at 99.99 euros.

Pulse 3D PS5 Headset in Midnight Black Pre-order with these shops

Here you can buy the PULSE 3D MIDNIGHT BLACK for PS5: At OTTO, the headset is currently the cheapest at 99 euros.

PS5 Midnight Black Series

Pulse 3D PS5 Headset, Midnight Black Pre-order at Amazon
Pre-order PULSE 3D PS5-Headset, Midnight Black at Mediamarkt
Pulse 3D PS5 Headset, Midnight Black Pre-order at Saturn
Pulse 3D PS5 Headset, Midnight Black Pre-order at OTTO

That awaits you with the Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset

The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is the official, wireless headphone for the PlayStation 5. It is wirelessly connected to the PS5 via a USB connector and a 2.4 GHz radio connection. The headset can also be used on the PC and PS4. In addition, there is a 3.5 mm connection, so you can use it via cable.

With its two 40 mm drivers, the 3D pulse offers a very good sound (for the price range) and a very good surround sound about the new 3D audio feature of the PS5. You can also mute the microphone at any time via a button.

Furthermore, you can set the volume for the game chat. Thus, the balance between the game sound and chat sound can be regulated individually. The battery of the Sony Pulse 3D offers 10 to 12 hours running time.

Buy Sony Pulse 3D Midnight Black at Amazon

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