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ROCK Like a Viking In The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Metal Rhythm Game! | Ragnarock VR
With a test on Oculus Quest.com, unfortunately, nothing is likely to be – nonetheless, the core Viking music game Ragnaröck has already caused a lot of drum fun and muscle cat in parts of the editors. All the more enjoyable so that the French developer Wanadevstudio reacts its popular VR rhythm game on Thursday, October 21 for Oculus Quest.

This was announced next to Teufelsbeter-Emoji on the official Twitter performance:

Ragnarock: @oculus quest store. October 21.

ð ~ pic.twitter.com/ah44jjtvps

  • Wanadevstudio (@wanadevstudio) October 11, 2021

In the game description on Steam, it says: Ready to Rock? Ragnarock is a VR rhythm game for single or multiplayers, in which you are part of a boat race as a viking captain. Shattering with your two Hampen Runen in the rhythm epic Viking music. The higher the Markers, the more combo energy you collect in your hammer to activate a temposchub.

Last updated video: Launch trailer

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