Call of Duty Warzone Map Changes Battle Pass New Weapons This is in the Season 6

The starting signal for the Season 6 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold was and Warzone has fallen: The new season has been live for 6 o clock. Meanwhile, the Warzone update has the patch notes – and thus details of the changes and innovations. Discover players on the map partly drastic changes: An earthquake has highly affected both the downtown and the stadium. Already before, rumors have been reappeared, according to which Verdansk could be destroyed at Season 6 to create space for the new Pacific Island Map, which appears around the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The fact that the developers want to prepare the setting of Warzone to gradually on the locations in the Second World War of Vanguard also show new bunker plants that you can enter in Season 6. The rooms closed since the Second World War can be opened immediately – and offer a lot of Loot. Will you shot over the heap, you will find yourself in the new Gulag, which was inspired by the original version. Here, as usual, there is the possibility to shoot you in a duel again on the regular playing field.

With the start of Season 6, a new Battle pass (10 euros) comes into play, with which you can play again 100 levels – and get fresh rewards on every rank. For example, you secure the two weapons .410 ironhide and grav. The two besters can use them, for example, in the coming Halloween event: The Haunting returns on October 18th. Concrete details of the events want to communicate the developers in the coming days. The large Season 6 update is rounded off of a number of bug fixes and optimizations. For example, weapon adjustments. For the two assault guns C58 and EM2, the developers have increased about the recoil. All other changes and innovations can be found on the website of Raven Software.


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